Truck Accidents: How Serious Are They?

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When my sister got into a truck accident a few years back, we were worried sick about what was going to happen to her. She was taken to the hospital because she broke her leg in the accident. Fortunately, she was out of the hospital the next day and back at work after one week, but she was super shaken up and scared to drive for months after the wreck. Her car was totaled, and she didn’t know if insurance was going to cover it. It was unclear who was at fault based on the wreck alone. It seemed like it might go either way in terms of fault. When there are thousands of dollars hanging in the balance, that is a super stressful place to be.

I decided to do some research on truck accidents, and I decided that hiring a lawyer was going to be my sister’s best bet after reading some information online. According to Glover Law Firm, there are a lot of factors at play with truck accidents compared to a normal accident between two non-commercial vehicles. Trucks are the largest vehicle on the road, and they face a lot of different regulations because of this. They are not allowed to drive on all roads. Also, they have to abide by certain weight limits as well as abide by safe weight distribution. Sometimes drivers themselves end up driving for days on end in order to make tight deadlines and boost their profits.

All of this can contribute to a truck accident. My sister and I had no way to determine how any of this could end up contributing to her accident, so we decided to hire a lawyer so that they could find out the full story behind what was going on.

The lawyer was able to ask those hard-hitting, technical questions in order to get my sister a better settlement. The lawyer questions the company about their standard hours for trucks drivers and the routes they are expected to complete in a certain amount of time. The lawyer also questioned the truck driver about his route, to see if he had been driving on restricted roads. He also took care to ask about his load and carrying capacity to see if he had been careful to know what he was carrying and how it would affect his vehicle’s ability to change speed safely.

All of this information helped to expose how the truck driver was in some part, responsible for the accident. Because of this, my sister ended up receiving a settlement that paid for all her medical bills as well as the cost of a new vehicle to replace the one that was totaled. I’m thankful that attorneys have the expertise to deal with these kinds of situations. Statistics show that most people end up receiving only 33% of what they could when they choose not to hire a lawyer. If I find myself in a situation like my sister’s in the future, I’ll know exactly what to do.


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