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Medical Mistake: Misdiagnosis

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There have been times when doctors, despite the technological advancements at their disposal, can only speculate a patient’s real condition, especially if the disease has been caused by a virus that has never been identified before. But to be able to subject a patient to a series of tests is only possible if the patient consents, which will require the patient’s complete trust on his/her doctor. The doctor, on the other hand, should be honest enough towards the patient, who deserves to know everything regarding his/her condition. Accurate information, anyway, is part of the quality care doctors and all other health care providers owe their patients.

According to the website of SC personal injury lawyer Goings Law Firm, LLC, misdiagnosis or even the failure to simply determine what is really wrong with the patient can be traced from the way some medical experts handle and interact with patients. Based on a study, one of the most common causes of misdiagnosis is physician bias. This happens when a doctor starts to fix his or her attention on just one patient problem or issue. Many doctors who have come to realize this mistake blame it on the very limited 15-minute patient visit – a very short period of interaction between doctors and patients. Most often too, doctors who have been forced by economic circumstances to treat as many patients as they can within the day, unconsciously apply what is called the “18-second rule,” where they cut patients short while they describe the symptoms to their ailment.

Eventually, the doctor will have to make a correct a finding to be able to make an accurate diagnosis of the patient’s real condition. A misdiagnosis can result to unfavorable things that may even endanger the patient’s life. In the past, a misdiagnosis has resulted to surgeries which should not have been performed, subjecting the patient to wrong laboratory tests, prescribing the wrong medicine, recommending the wrong medical treatment, and so forth.

Injuries or further worsening of health condition suffered by patients is often due to the carelessness or negligence of another; and as such, it is considered a personal injury. This is because the injury could have been prevented if the other person had been less careless or negligent. Lawyers strongly emphasize the rights of personal injury victims, especially their legal right to be compensated by the liable person/party as the harm done will certainly necessitate medical treatment and may even cause the victim to miss work and, so, lose the ability to earn wages.

Understanding the complexities of the law, however, may serve as a burden to the victim, who is already weighed down by the injury he/she is suddenly made to suffer from. Thus, having professional legal assistance would really be a wise decision, for this can enable the victim to claim what the law allows him/her to have.

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