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Smoking Pot in Texas

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Marijuana (cannabis) is generally considered to be a relatively harmless illicit vice when taken occasionally, mainly because it is nearly impossible to overdose on the stuff. It is a hallucinogen in high concentrations, but the odd puff or two will put most people in a good, relaxed mood (unless they have a “bad” trip, that is). It is usually smoked but it can also be mixed with food such as the so-called happy brownie.

There has been quite a hot debate about how marijuana has beneficial medicinal effects and when used moderately is hardly as lethal as tobacco or alcohol. Critics point out that marijuana leads to general impairment and loss of coordination in the short-term and memory impairment, mental disorders, and infertility over time. In some states, marijuana advocates have prevailed in a limited fashion in that it is legal for medical purposes, and the writing seems to be on the wall that more states will follow suit.

In Texas, however, that day has not yet arrived so marijuana is still an illegal substance, possession of even a small amount can have serious consequences. An Austin criminal defense lawyer will explain to a client charged with possession of marijuana that at the very least it is Class B misdemeanor which means some jail time (not more than 180 days) and a fine for having less than 2 oz but the charges escalate with volume of possession. With 4 oz, the possessor can rightly be called a felon if convicted. Possession (or cultivation) of marijuana in large quantities can escalate up to a first degree felony, which carries a minimum of 5 years in prison.

Being arrested for smoking pot in Texas is embarrassing but more seriously it can significantly affect other aspects of a person’s life. And since many pot smokers are young people, a conviction can mean being barred from a lot of life opportunities.

If you have been charged with possession of marijuana, you need to make every effort to get your case dismissed. The times are changing rapidly, and it would be ironic if are one of the last to be convicted for it. Engage the services of an experienced marijuana possession defense lawyer immediately.

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